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Reverse Your Acne With Plant Based & Nutrition Dense Diet

Everyone is born beautiful and with a healthy skin. Our skin needs essential proper nutrients and vitamins for it to remain vibrant and glowing. Our skin becomes sad when we start hurting it by consuming foods which makes our skin dull and takes away its nourishment and thus causes acne. Around 85% of the teenagers of the world have acne problems. Acne is not limited to teenagers or adolescent period; it can affect adults as well. Acnes are associated with embarrassment, shame, depression, anxiety within friend circle and often leads to withdrawal from social functions and activities.

What causes acne at the first place?

Dairy products, sugar and oil found in processed foods and animal foods causes acne. Sugar and dairy causes increased production of insulin which increases the production of androgens and insulin like growth factor 1 which aggravates acne. All these food increases the activity of TOR enzymes which causes acne and obesity. TOR enzymes are associated with aging process. Saturated fats and trans fat increases the levels of arachidonic acid which competes with omega three fats leading to more inflammation and acne. These fat further increases the amount of fat in and on the skin thus, allowing the bacteria to grow on the skin by providing them food. The intake of modern western diet ultimately results in poor blood circulation to our skin and causes acne. Other risk factors associated with acne are stress, hormonal imbalances, genetic problems and smoking.

How does acne occur?

When the pores in our skin becomes clogged due to dead skin and fatty materials that is sebum accumulates within this blocked pores, these oversaturated pores becomes infected with bacteria which leads to inflammation and causes acne. The bacteria feeds on the sebum. The acne can range from mild to severe, inflammatory to non-inflammatory and acute to chronic depending on your diet.

How to prevent or reverse acne?

With the advent of modern western diet, skin clinics have also emerged greatly in every lanes. The solution offered by these clinics are temporary, extremely expensive and even associated with many side effects. The best way to cure or reverse your acne is to switch on to the plant based nutrition dense diet. Plant based food are rich in water content thus keeps your skin hydrated always. They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, fiber and antioxidants. They fight against oxidative stress and being anti-inflammatory in nature reduces inflammation. It helps in regular bowel movements thus removing all the toxins from our body. This in turn helps our skin to glow. Foods like flax seeds, chia seeds, berries, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, green tea and cold pressed oils works well for acne.

Take home message

  • Acne is caused due to diet and is not a result of puberty or adolescent period.

  • Processed foods are rich in sugar and oil, they increase the insulin level which in turn causes increase in androgen hormones and insulin like growth factor-1 hormone which causes inflammation and causes acne. Dairy food products aggravates the inflammation and further causes acne.

  • These food helps the bacteria to grow on our skin by providing them with fat on which they flourish.

  • Acne can be cured within a month easily with the help of plant based nutrition dense diet.