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Top 6 Foods For Headache & Migraine

Headache and migraine makes one feel irritated, helpless and often leads to loss of work or other activities. Stress and hormonal changes are two factors which can lead to headache or migraine but the main cause is nutritional deficiency. Plant based & nutrition dense diet helps in relaxing the blood vessels and also relieves stress. Here is a list of top 6 plant based & nutrition dense diet for curing and even reversing headache and migraine.

  1. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in magnesium and are both alkaline and anti-inflammatory in nature. This helps in reducing the inflammation.

  2. Peppermint is one of the most powerful essential oils which one can use to get relief form headache and migraine.

  3. Ginger is best anti-inflammatory food and therefore has a soothing effect.

  4. Mushrooms and asparagus are rich in vitamin B2 therefore, cures headache and migraine effectively.

  5. Water rich foods like melons, celery, pumpkin, apples, cucumber and lettuce keeps one hydrated and prevents headaches & migraines.

  6. Nuts & seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acid which helps in reducing the inflammation.