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Top 10 Foods For Liver

Liver is known as gatekeeper of our body and is the second largest organ. It keeps all other systems going. It is very important for one to keep liver healthy. It removes toxins, carcinogens and helps in the distribution of nutrients and proteins. Plant based & nutrition dense diet will keep our liver healthy. Antioxidants found in plants helps in detoxification of liver and also replenishes it. Here is a list of top 10 plant based & nutrition dense diet which not only protects the liver but also reverses fatty liver condition.

  1. Beet has numerous nutrients like folate, fiber, iron, betaine, betalains, betacyanin, betanin which boosts the function of the liver and removes the toxins.

  2. Broccoli is rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll therefore, removes the carcinogens from the liver.

  3. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene and are anti-inflammatory in nature. Vitamin A found in sweet potatoes prevents liver toxicity.

  4. Lemons are one of the best food for the liver. It helps in detoxification of the liver and the enzymes found in lemon keeps the liver healthy. Being alkaline in nature, it neutralises the toxins.

  5. Lentils are rich in fiber and protein and therefore, helps in cleansing the liver.

  6. Healthy fats like avocados, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, flax seeds and chia seeds promotes good cholesterol levels and thus prevents deposition of fat in the liver.

  7. Apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber helps in the elimination of toxins and cholesterol from the blood. It reduces stress on liver by removing toxins and carcinogens from the blood.

  8. Garlic is a rich source of allicin and selenium. It acts as a powerhouse of nutrients for liver.

  9. Onions have allicin which helps in the removal of the toxins. It is also rich in phytonutrients, flavonoids, fiber and potassium which provides further protection to the liver.

  10. Green Leafy Vegetables like spinach and lettuce are jam packed with nutrients therefore, very good for liver’s health.