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Top 3 Myths About Diabetes

Millions & millions of people are suffering from diabetes & its related complications. But the worst part is that you are not being empowered with the right knowledge and still being misguided by the prevailing myths about this dreadful disease.

Myth 1  - “Diabetes is Genetic” - We have always heard people saying “My family has a history of diabetes, so I will also get it,” but this is so not true. If it was only genetic, then the numbers represented below regarding the spread of the disease would not be so massive as they are -

Prevalence of Diabetes




11.9 Million

64.5 Million


20.4 Million

102.9 Million


5.5 Million

22 Million


108 Million

422 Million

Genes have only around 20% control over our chronic disease and what truly matters for chronic diseases is Gene Expression. Gene Expression is the way our genes express themselves and it is directly related with what we put at the end of our fork. With every single bite, we can either turn on the health promoting genes or turn off the disease promoting genes & vice versa.

Myth 2 - “Diabetes is for lifetime & is non reversible” - Type 2 diabetes is absolutely reversible and preventable. Your doctor may not have told you about this because they would have never seen this change happening. And the reason why they would not have seen this is because they have only been prescribing medications to suppress the symptom i.e. high sugar and not treat the root cause of the disease, which is Insulin Resistance. However, today there are ample evidences which proves that chronic diseases are totally reversible. And no matter how many units of Insulin or drugs you might be on, your Diabetes is Reversible only if you wish and are willing to adopt a regular intake of Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet. It is as simple as that.

Myth 3 - “Diabetes is well controlled with drugs & insulins” - We keep hearing from people that our Diabetes is “under control”. What is the meaning of “under control’’? We need to understand that there is significant biological and physiological difference between following two individuals. For instance my uncle, Mr. Mehta, who has a fasting blood sugar of 110 mg/dl with zero medications/drugs and my best friend’s dad, Mr. Agarwal, who also has a fasting blood sugar of 110 mg/dl but takes 60 units of Insulin & drugs galvusmet and janumet. In this scenario, diabetes of Mr. Agarwal is so worse that all his organs & micro-circulation at cellular level is getting damaged with every single passing day. And by lowering blood sugar with medication does not prevent diabetes complications like heart attacks, dementia, fatty liver, neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney disease and even cancer.

Take Home Message

  • Diabetes is not genetic and destiny of your health lies in your hands. It’s your day to day food choices that counts much more than anything else.

  • Type 2 diabetes is totally preventable and reversible. All you need to do is - get educated and adopt healthy eating habit of Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet.

  • You may be on drugs & insulin, however, in order to stay healthy & free from diabetic complications, you need to address the root cause of the disease which only a Plant Based Nutrient Dense Diet can do.