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Type 2 Diabetes - “Man Made Epidemic”

A very common question which we all have faced while studying mathematics in our childhood is - If Rakesh had 10 chocolates and he ate 8 of them, then what is he left with? The answer we gave was 2. Now, when our children will go to school and if they are asked the same question, their answer would be that Rakesh has Diabetes. Diabetes is considered such an epidemic throughout the world and India being among the top 3 countries with high diabetic population.

Type 2 diabetes or Adult-onset diabetes is a type of diabetes that adult people develop and is caused by Insulin Resistance i.e all their cells are becoming resistant to the hormone Insulin. 90% of the total diabetic population have type 2 diabetes and it is absolutely reversible and preventable.


  • India has around 69.2 Million people with Diabetes as per 2015 data

  • India has another around 80 Million people with pre-diabetes as per 2015 data

  • India ranks 2nd in the list of countries with high Diabetes population and this is something that we should not be proud of

The Wrong Focus

Just imagine that someone has a leg infection and because of that infection, he got a fever. Therefore the cause of the fever is that infection. Now if everyday he is taking a pill for his fever and doing nothing for the infection, is he doing the right thing? Is his disease under control? NO!

Similarly, type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance while the rise in blood sugar is just the end result & not the cause of the disease. And the only reason, why diabetes is becoming an epidemic is because everyone is focusing on high blood sugar which is just the end result and not focusing on the cause of high blood sugar which is Insulin resistance. And therefore it is very common to see people with 10-15 years of diabetes develop heart disease,kidney disease & many other complications.

What causes Insulin Resistance at the first place

Insulin Resistance is impacted directly by the food we eat. And it is our modern western diet which is high in sugar, fat, cholesterol, processed food and low in fiber that causes Insulin Resistance. The excess fat from this diet is stored around organs like liver, kidney and abdomen and is referred to as visceral fat. This fat inhibits the action of insulin and blood sugar starts rising. What we see is just the rise in blood sugar levels and not the Insulin Resistance which is caused by the food we ate for the last many years.

Good News - Insulin Resistance and your Diabetes can be reversed

Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet, high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients can help reverse your insulin resistance and thereby your diabetes. And by doing so we can be saved from all other complications like heart disease, chronic kidney disease, fatty liver, diabetic foot, retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, obesity and many other complications.

Take Home Message

  1. Treat the root cause of the disease rather than just the symptom.

  2. If the cause of diabetes is not addressed, you will eventually have to face severe health complications that arises out of diabetes.

  3. Type 2 diabetes is absolutely reversible and preventable only if you treat the cause of the disease.

  4. Plant Based Nutrition Dense Diet can help to reverse type 2 diabetes.