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Top 10 Nutrient Dense Foods For Asthma

Asthma is chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs. People who have asthma their entire life revolves around inhalers, pumps and oxygen masks and not to forget the drugs. The entire immune system is weakened due to the depletion of antioxidants and thus our body fails to fight against the free radicals which builds oxidative stress and leads to inflammation. There is no need for one to suffer from such horrible disease where one cannot even breathe properly. Plant based nutrition dense diet works amazingly, it reduces and thus reverses the entire inflammation from the body and treats asthma from its root cause. Here is a list of top 10 foods which one should consume for treating, preventing and even reversing their asthma.

  1. Spinach is an excellent anti-asthmatic food. It is one of the best source of beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and magnesium which helps in reducing the inflammation and it has potassium also which is considered as an anti-asthmatic mineral.

  2. Broccoli sprouts helps in reducing the airway inflammation by increasing the level of antioxidants in our body.

  3. Avocado is rich in antioxidant called glutathione which protects our cells from free radicals and thus prevents inflammation at the first place. Vitamin E found in avocado helps in reducing asthma due to nut allergy.

  4. Bananas are one of the best sources of pyridoxine that is vitamin B6 which helps in the production of energy molecules like ATP and cAMP which in turn helps in relaxation of the smooth bronchial muscle tissue.

  5. Kiwi being rich in vitamin C reduces asthma symptoms, wheezing, runny nose, cough and shortness of breath in children who are suffering from asthma.

  6. Flax seeds acts as an anti-asthmatic food as it helps in reducing the inflammation considerably. It has anti-asthmatic minerals like potassium and magnesium and is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which helps in decreasing the inflammation.

  7. Rosemary contains a polyphenolic compound known as rosmarinic acid which helps in reducing the asthma symptoms and also enhances the production of prostacyclins which helps in keeping the air passage of the lungs open and thus facilitates easy breathing.

  8. Garlic inhibits the activity of certain enzymes which produces inflammatory compounds thus it is helpful in treating asthma. Garlic is rich in selenium, vitamin C and potassium which makes it a powerful asthma preventing food.

  9. Papaya is an excellent source of vitamin A, C, and E and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium. All these minerals and vitamins makes papaya effective in treating asthma and cough.

  10. Onions reduces the inflammation of the lungs and thus improves breathing due to the presence of sulfur compounds.