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Avoid Dairy To Keep Your Bones Healthy

Avoid dairy to keep your bones healthy

People are blindly consuming dairy products. Rather with time, due to emergence of such tempting and irresistible products with all kinds of flavors, the “dairy industry” has made a huge impact on the taste buds of the people worldwide. There are more than thousands of different recipes which one can make using milk or milk products. Every household at least buys one packet of milk and curd on a regular basis. Now if someone says that the nutritional profile of milk and its products is questionable or not validated? Or, if someone says that there is no scientific proof that milk is healthy for us? Or, if someone says that milk is actually harmful and it has been proved in many scientific papers then would you still allow dairy to be a part of your kitchen and refrigerator?

What does common men think about milk?

Ask any layman – “why do we drink milk? or why do we need to drink milk?” The answer would be like -  “Milk is the healthiest food on earth”; “It is a complete food in itself”; “It is extremely beneficial to keep our bones and teeth strong”; “It provides calcium required for the maintenance of healthy bones”. The answers would remain the same if you would ask any common person on this planet and the reason for it being like this is that people have been consuming milk since ages. Just like people carry their culture and tradition from one generation to the other similarly people have been passing on this message that dairy is healthy for our bones and it is the only source of calcium.

How has the dairy industry brainwashed people?

Dairy industry has actually brainwashed people and the way they have been promoting dairy on television via advertisement has made us believe that dairy is good for us and if we don’t consume dairy we might end up with weaker bones, bone fractures or joint pains. They have targeted children and actually convinced every mother to give at least 2 servings of milk daily so that their child is fit and fine and can run like an athlete in their school.

What is the actual truth about dairy, bones and calcium?

But sadly, people are unaware of the fact that milk and its product have no role in keeping our bones healthy. Rather it plays an important role in its destruction. It is the main cause of osteoporosis. Consumption of milk makes our bones brittle, fragile and even reduces its density. Yes, milk does have lots of calcium but the calcium which is coming from milk is not absorbable. Moreover, we get enough calcium from plant based nutrition dense diet and it is easily absorbable. So, we do not need any extra supplementation of calcium via tablets or from other animal sources. There has not been a single case of death reported due to calcium deficiency. The reason why bones become weak is that milk being acidic in nature increases the acid load in our body. Our body is alkaline, so in order to maintain the normal pH calcium is leached out of our bones and neutralizes the acid. This makes the bone weak and susceptible to fracture. The extra calcium that comes from milk is stored in the form of kidney stones or may lead to calcification in arteries. I hope by now you must be convinced that dairy is injurious for our health and that we should not believe in the words of the dairy industry. Our health is in our hands.

Take home message

  • If you want to keep your bones healthy till the age of 80 and more, avoid dairy at any cost.

  • Dairy and its products are extremely harmful for your bones, as they create an acidic environment in your body and leaches out calcium from your bones thus making your bones weak.

  • We do not need extra calcium for maintaining healthy bones and at least not from dairy.

  • Green leafy vegetables forms the good and sufficient source of calcium.