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Want to have a favorable hormonal ecosystem? Ditch dairy..!

Want to have a favorable hormonal ecosystem? Ditch dairy..!

What is milk? Is it just a white colored liquid which contains calcium? No, apart from calcium it also contains hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, fat, acidic proteins like casein, addictive substance called morphine and contaminants like pesticides and feces. Cow’s milk naturally contains more than 60 different hormones and this number increases when they are injected with genetically modified hormones. We all have been taught and told million zillion times that dairy is good for us but the truth is - it is bad for our hormones. Human beings are already gifted with a proper hormonal ecosystem, we do not need hormones of other mammals for growth and development.

Why does dairy mess up with our hormones?

Whenever any foreign substance enters our body, our body reacts to it and it tries hard to remove it before it causes any harm to us. Similarly when people consume milk or any of the milk products they take in many things inside their body. The hormones present in milk mess up with our hormones. Now a days, majority of the dairy animals are injected with genetically modified hormones so that they produce more milk than they do naturally. In reality we are consuming artificial hormones. When dairy animals get sick they are treated with antibiotics. These antibiotics pass on to the milk and thus we are also infected with these antibiotics. Moreover, the grass on which these animals are fed are again genetically modified which again disrupts our hormonal balance.

How does dairy affects insulin?

Dairy contains insulin like growth factor 1, which increases the insulin level in our body. As the level of insulin is increasing, the blood sugar level is also increasing. This in turn can lead to insulin resistance. Increase in insulin level is directly proportional to acne. No matter what kind of milk is it, be it organic, low fat, skimmed milk or normal milk, it imbalances our insulin level.

How does dairy affects sex hormones?

Dairy contains female sex hormone that is estrogen and male sex hormone that is testosterone. These hormones increases the level of normal estrogen and testosterone in our body and leads to mood swings. Dairy animals give more milk when they are pregnant, so they are kept pregnant throughout so that they can generate more milk. While they are pregnant their estrogen level increases 33 times from their normal level.

How does dairy causes cancer?

Milk causes cancer, be it in any form. It can lead to testicular cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. The protein called casein found in the milk has been linked to cancer. Casein is detrimental for our health. Consumption of milk also increases the amount of circulating insulin like growth factor 1 which is linked with cancer.

Take home message

  • Milk is not just about calcium, it also contains hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, pus cells and many other contaminants which is detrimental for our health.

  • Since dairy animals are fed genetically modified grass and also injected with genetically modified hormones, they mess up with our hormones.

  • Dairy causes rise in insulin level and thus blood sugar level which is linked with insulin resistance and acne.

  • As the female pregnant cows have higher estrogen levels and their testosterone level is also high they increase the level of estrogen and testosterone in our body which is associated with mood swings.

  • Be it organic milk, normal milk, skimmed milk, low fat milk or fat free milk all milk causes cancer.