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Gokhru - Kidney Savior

Gokhru is also named as puncture vine and is a wonderful herb that is used to treat any sort of kidney or  renal disease. It is native to India and is found mostly in warm regions. The fruit of this plant is small, round, pentagonal with 2 to 6 thorns present in it. There are two species of gokhru found in India one being called as bada gokhru and other as chota gokhru. It contains alkaloids like norharman and harman as its main ingredient and other constituents being steroidal saponins known as terrestrosins A - E, flavonoids, glycoside and furostanol.

Why should you consume gokhru?

  • It is a boon for treating all kinds of kidney and urinary ailments.

  • It is effective in reducing inflammation and swelling of joints thus treating gout.

  • It relieves acidity and thus the headache caused due to the acidity.

  • It boosts our digestive tract.

  • It effectively treats dysuria that is painful urination.

  • It even helps in curing asthma.

  • It prevents stone formation.

  • It treats swollen uterus which is seen after abortion and thus reduces the pain.

  • It is effective in treating tuberculosis and bronchitis.

  • It increases potency and improves the health of reproductive organs.