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Gulkand also known as rose petal jam. It is an Indian delicacy. Gulkand is used in many traditional dishes. It has numerous health benefits as well. It is a powerful antioxidant and mainly used as a cooling agent.

Why should you consume gulkand?

  • It treats all kinds of digestive issue like bloating, acidity, burning sensation, stomach ulcers and constipation.

  • Strengthens teeth & gums and treats mouth ulcers as well.

  • It helps in increasing the appetite.

  • Acts as detoxifying agent. It detoxifies the blood therefore beneficial for our skin as it clears acne, whiteheads and boils.

  • It is good for reducing excessive perspiration and foul body odour.

  • It increases urine volume by curing water retention issue.

  • It reduces stress as it calms down the nervous system.

  • It maintains normal menstrual cycle and prevents excessive bleeding.

  • It keeps pregnant women healthy.

  • Increases body’s immunity and therefore good for treating weakness and lethargicness.

  • It protects from sun strokes, dizziness and nostril bleeding during summers.