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A Powerful Herb To Reverse Diabetes : Paneer Ke Phool / Indian Rennet

Indian Rennet is known by many names like paneer ke phool, paneer doda, paneer dodi and paneer booti. It has both bitter and sweet taste. It is rich in alkaloids, amino acids and arachidonic acids. It possess immunosuppressive property.

Why should you consume Indian Rennet?

  • It the most effective plant for treating diabetes.

  • It repairs the beta cells of the pancreas which produces insulin.

  • It utilizes the blood glucose thus preventing rise in blood glucose levels.

  • It treats other degenerative diseases caused due to diabetes.

  • It provides symptomatic relief in diabetic patients like that of dizziness, polyuria, weakness, pain in legs, body ache and pruritus.

  • It is highly effective for treating indigestion and liver diseases.

  • It is effective in treating asthma and anxiety as well.

  • It helps in faster healing of the wounds.

  • It acts as a detoxifier, thus detoxifies the blood.

  • It acts as a diuretic that is it increases the volume of the urine.

  • Traditionally it is used to clean the teeth.

  • It also helps in treating and preventing menstrual problems.