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Want To Munch Something, Have Tal Makhana

Makhana is also known as fox nuts or gorgon nuts. It is a popular snack among Indians and is commonly found in Asian subcontinent. It is used for it nutritive value and medicinal purpose. It does not contain any sugar, saturated fats, unsaturated fats and cholesterol. It is rich in protein, potassium and calcium. It has sodium also but the content of potassium is twice that of sodium, so even blood pressure patients can enjoy it.

Why should you consume Makhana?

  • Makhana has glucosides which imparts antioxidant properties to it. Therefore, it is beneficial for heart especially in reducing the risk of myocardial ischemia.

  • Flavonoids present in makhana decreases the inflammation and is therefore beneficial for overall health. Chronic inflammation is one of the root cause of chronic diseases thus by reducing inflammation it prevents occurrence of chronic diseases at the first place.

  • Makhana is rich in protein. Protein is the structural and functional unit of the cells. They form antibodies, enzymes, messengers and therefore facilitates storage and transport of nutrients. It also repairs the damaged tissues.

  • It detoxifies the spleen and spleen is an organ where the red blood cells are destroyed so it helps in clearing the dead cells.

  • As it is rich in potassium and low in sodium therefore, it regulates blood pressure and a healthy snack for blood pressure patients.

  • It helps in curing infertility by improving the quality and quantity of semen. It provides moisture to the reproductive organs.

  • Being low in fats and high in fiber it is good for diabetic patient. It releases the sugar slowly into the bloodstream.

  • It keeps our bones and teeth healthy & strong and also treats and even prevents arthritis because of its high calcium content.

  • It relieves of stress on the kidneys, maintains proper blood flow and also helps in treating various kidney disorders.

  • It effectively treats both chronic and acute diarrhea.