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H-Spree is a platform that educates people to "Eat Right". H-Spree exists because we believe that chronic diseases are reversible and preventable. H-Spree helps you take absolute care and control over your own health. We provide you with all the necessary information that will guide you to make healthy and nutritious food choices.
H-Spree firmly believes in the concept of "Food is Medicine" and empowers people with proper dietary choices. We firmly believe that Food is not only critical in treatment and prevention of the disease but also in reversing and avoiding related future health complications. The entire team of H-Spree is dedicated to the idea of helping people live and lead better lives.
It is a highly user friendly online platform with multiple health services, just within few clicks. You can easily sign up/login and use the offered services. Services like selecting a health chart, booking a blood test, contacting our Health Officers and access to various informative articles are made available on the platform.
We at H-Spree would not advise you to stop your medications. We help people address the root cause of their disease and as a result, gradually people may or may not require as many medications as they used to have earlier. The key to get saved from the complication of lifestyle diseases is by addressing the root cause of the disease, which can happen with only food.
NO, we aspire & want people to address the root causes of chronic diseases which are predominantly dietary disease and we have nothing against medications. We just want people to "Eat Right".
Chronic diseases are dietary diseases that can be addressed with the help of healthy and nutritious plant based food. We believe that good food choice is the key to reversal of any chronic disease and food alone can be the best medicine for one's life. Most importantly we should not only treat the disease but also the root causes of the disease if we wish to remain free from all complications.
H-Spree empowers you in addressing your chronic diseases with the help of nutritious and healthy food choices. We help people address the root cause of their disease and as a result, gradually people may or may not require as many medications as they used to have earlier. We believe that food is the complete medium for a healthy life and food is not the replacement of any medicine but "Food is Medicine".
We charge for the Health Chart we provide which is once a month. Every second health chart needs to be paid separately in the second month. We do not charge for the consultancy and you are feel to consult with us as many times as you want.
All the online payment modes are acceptable which include any debit cards, credit cards and rupay cards. Net banking through various payment gateways, direct account transfer, NEFT, Paytm is also available.
If you choose multiple ailments, the ailment with the highest cost will be charged. You will be given a single customized health chart that will address all the selected ailments.
We have a tie ups with pathological laboratories and diagnostic centers. Once you book a test we will arrange an appointment for you with our path-lab partners. The concerned person will collect the required samples from your home. In case of any inconvenience in arranging service at home, we will book an appointment of yours at the nearby pathological laboratory centre.
You will receive a soft copy of your reports through an e-mail within 3-4 days of collection. Hard copies will be couriered to you, if required.
You can opt for the request a call option and register yourself for a single test. The price of individual tests will vary accordingly.
Our Medical Health Officers are qualified experts in the area of Food and Nutrition. They have an experience in dealing with patients with various diseases and empowering them with the help of food only.
NO, we do not provide you with this service and our medical health officers cannot meet any patient in person. The means of communication with our Medical Health Officers is through e-mails, phone calls, whatsApp and video calling for any number of times after registration. The MHO’s will be in touch with you routinely for supporting with the health care services.
Without sign up/register, you only get an access to limited information. Registration/signing up is important as without that you cannot avail our offerings.
An MHO is always available on chat and call, during the working hours. In non working hours the queries can be recorded over voice mails, e-mails or text messages and the MHO will revert back within next 24 hours. Our MHO's are delighted to help you with your queries at their best and assure you with best solutions.
The positive difference in the health conditions can be effectively seen within a period of 2-4 months, but it can vary individually depending upon the severity of the ailment. The length of the treatment is determined by the complexities of the case.
The choice is yours. However it is advisable that if your health chart pertains to chronic conditions then the previous health charts should be retained to give the MHO's a complete picture of your past problems.
The portal should never be used for urgent or emergency situations.
Our MHOs will get back to you within the time span of 24 hours, from the time the call or query has been made.